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News >> Earthquake Service                         AddTime:2008-8-26

Quick Response in the 5.12 Wenchuan Great Earthquake

The 5.12 Wenchuan Great Earthquake was in the mind of every Jiahua People. In the evening of May 15th , Jiahua was informed that the 500KV line in the Zipingpu Hydrpower Plant was damaged in the earthquake which made the 500KV GIS (produced by Mitsubishi) trip off. It was urgently needed to carry out inspections on gas chambers to make sure whether the internal parts were in normal condition so as to restore power distribution.  

We responded quickly and immediately made the decision to dispatch the professional engineers with SF6 analyzers by plane. They arrived and they carried out inspections at once to check SO2 and H2S concentration in relevant gas chambers with the cooperation of the power plant and Mitsubishi company. The inspection result showed that the internal parts were in normal condition. On May 18th, the equipment was put into operation again,  providing power to the earthquake area.
Our quick response and professional site services were highly praised by the Zipingpu Hydropower Plant and Mitsubishi Company.

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